New Holland TS135A v 2 ls2011

New Holland TS135A v 2

-Scaled 1:1, weight adjusted to real values, focus adjusted
-Corrected-tank capacity on real value and adjusted consumption -(about 30 l / h at full throttle)
-Texture folder tidy
-Created-Dirttexturen and washable
-Power detention Attacher installed
-Tire dust when driving on fields added
-Manual ignition and hour meter installed

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Metsjo MetaX ls2011

Metsjo MetaX

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Thank you for downloading this mod!
Here is a Annaburger that I have edited to a metsjo !
Edit : Wheels, different plane for more realism
Fruits : rape, wheat, corn, barley, manure, silage, grass, fertilizer

Modèle Dump: fly-master/xandl1
Modèle Suspension and wheels: xandl1, balow67
Textures: xandl1, balow67
Ingame / Script: xandl1/SFM-Modding (TowBall)
edit: balow67

Download 1: Metsjo MetaX
Download 2: Metsjo MetaX

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Claas Jaguar 890 AP ls2011

Claas Jaguar 890 AP

Have AP, Nice Textures

Modèle: Hmcre & MAurUS
Textures: MAurUS
Script: Giants, Sven777b, MAurUS, Face, John Deere 6930
CZ & Edit Jindar-cz- / AP,Odometer

Download 1: Claas Jaguar 890 AP
Download 2: Claas Jaguar 890 AP

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Massey Ferguson 5476 Beta Edit ls2011

Massey Ferguson 5476 Beta Edit

hi everyone here we have my beta edit of Clod and RotoR original massey.
specializations Includes
->opening doors and windows
->ES Limiter and Operating Hours
->reflective skin
->front 3 point linkage

i have fixed:
->interior camera
->i have lowered the rear linkage for the use of kane trailers
-> lowered the rear wheels so they dont go through the wheel arches when driving on rough terran

original creators – Clod and RotoR
v1 – blowback

Download 1: Massey Ferguson 5476 Beta Edit
Download 2: Massey Ferguson 5476 Beta Edit

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